Adipose tissue (fat) presents a range of benefits over traditional extracted cell materials.

Adipose tissue offers benefits such as:

  • Adipose is an  expendable tissue and offers lifelong availability
  • Cells are easily harvested by mini-lipoaspiration
  • Less painful and less intrusive technique than bone marrow harvesting
  • Adipose tissue is the largest microvascular tissue in the body and yields over 100 – 1000 times more pericytes than bone marrow.
  • Cells can be obtained in larger volumes at lower risks
  • Unique populations of cells including high concentrations of endothelial progenitor cells and T regulatory cells (Tregs) that express up to 100-fold higher levels of the immune suppressive cytokine IL-10 compared to circulating Tregs.
  • Autologous cell transplantation from adipose tissue derived from a patient’s own body means there is no risk of rejection or disease transfer.

Autologous apidose derived SVF seems free of significant adverse events

There are minimal risks involved with SVF Technology because the treatment is autologous. Autologous means that the SVF cells are sourced from your own body. This greatly decreases risks of rejection and complications such as allergic reactions. There have been no reported serious adverse reactions with adipose SVF Technology.
The Results We Have Achieved With Adipose Tissue Cells Speak For Themselves

More the number of good cell, better will be the outcome

More the number of good cell, better will be the outcome

Over the past three years, our clinics have followed up hundreds of patients. The majority of these patients have had positive outcomes.