How cells are separated by Adipose tissue?

The ultrasonic cavitation process involves no added enzymes or chemicals which mean it’s cleaner and safer.

During ultrasonic cavitation the fat cells and connecting collagen will be fractured, leaving purified cells which include pericytes, progenitor and other immune modulating cells. This mix of valuable cells is known as Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) cells, sometimes referred to as stromal cells. Before the cells are re-grafted into your body during the final part of the process we will perform a quality test using an instrument called a flow cytometer which will examine the cell viability and count.

Our ultrasonic cavitation method offers a range of benefits over traditional techniques.

SVF Technology :
Process: Clean- no enzymes, no- culturing
Time frame: Around 50 minutes
Cell count: 2-4 million/gram
Rate of dead cells: 5-15%
Viability of Cell More than 85 percent