Sports Injuries

“Cell-based approaches for soft-tissue regeneration have been around since the 1980s, when autologous chondrocytes were first used to treat cartilage defects,” said Scott A. Rodeo, MD, co-chief, sports medicine and shoulder service, at the Hospital for Special Surgery and professor of orthopaedic surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City.

Speaking at the forum on “Stem Cells in Orthopaedics: Role of SVF in sports injuries,” Dr. Vinay Tantuway says, stem cell may contribute to tissue repair, regenerations & rejuvenation.


In conclusion, Dr. Tantuway noted that various options for “cell-based” therapy exist, beyond just stromal cells from marrow or adipose tissue. “We should try to consider these other cell sources. How can we stimulate that intrinsic cell niche, which we know is there, to get away from allograft cells? Clearly, we need more than just the cells; it’s a complex biology so we may need to augment them with growth factors, platelet-rich plasma, and other cytokines.” And these all are potentially present in SVF.